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“Monday night at one o’clock, secondary hemorrhage set in, and from that time Willie sank rapidly. He fell into a stupor towards the last and was not conscious. At one time he rose up in bed and gave the order “Cease firing” – these were his last words.” – Mary Pohlman, January 1864
Pittsburgh-area author Kellie B. Gormly – an award-winning journalist who writes for History.com, Smithsonian, and The Washington Post – learned the fascinating history of The Swope Manor in the heart of Gettysburg. Kellie spent years researching the history of the house, the wealthy and powerful Swope family that lived there during the Civil War, and the soldier – Lt. William H. Pohlman of the 59th New York – who died there after getting wounded during Pickett’s Charge.
Please join us at 2 p.m. Saturday. October 21 at the Lomas Center for Kellie’s presentation about her new book – “Cease Firing! Life and Death at The Swope Manor,” which tells the captivating story about a civilian family and a soldier during the Battle of Gettysburg, and how the two collided under the roof of The Swope Manor.
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