The Civil War Collection

If you love artillery and muskets, bayonets and swords – our Civil War collection is sure to be of interest. Included in our collections is U.S. 3” Ordnance Rifle No. 1 of Reynold’s battery L. It is the actual piece that the patent for the type was approved on, and the first of the most successful, most used artillery gun for the Union Army. We actually have the original patent and associated documents with the gun. While many artillery pieces changed hands during the war, Old No. 1 is the only one with documentation to support the claim.

Reynold’s Battery L – 1st NY Light Artillery – was a Union cannon from the 1st battle of Bull Run, until July 1st , 1863. Captured by the Army of Northern Virginia on the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg, it was used by the Confederates until it was deployed, then lost, at the “Mule Shoe” at the battle of Spotsylvania Court House in May, 1864 – where the Union Army recaptured it. It remained in Union hands until the end of the war.

We also have an extensive musket collection, covering the Revolutionary War through the end of the Civil War. Be sure to see all of our collection on our virtual tour of the museum! And while here, be sure to check out our collection of civilians, children, and the nurses – especially the Catholic Orders – who experienced the war, and selflessly gave their service to aid the wounded and dying, of both sides.